Winter is coming, what precautions do we all take?

As a carer or family member of someone with blood cancer what extra precautions do you all take with the winter months coming on to all keep as healthy as possible? Any tips will be very welcome.

Top tip would be making sure you have flu injection if you qualify. My grandchildren have been telling me about herd immunity, that they are having flu nasal drops to protect themselves and old or sick people from getting flu. They are very proud!
If you are caring for someone with low immunity you become the gatekeeper, and may need to dissuade anybody visiting who ‘just has a little cold or cough’
I also have had the pneumovax which provides at least 15yrs protection from pneumonia

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I agree make sure you have the annual flu injection. I too have injections against pneumonia but am told I need it every ten years. In addition I tell family and friends not to visit if they are full of cold as my immune system is low. This can feel difficult but over the years people have been very understanding. Finally Zi try to have a healthy diet with plenty vitamin C.