Anniversary Poem

Hello everyone. I am one month away from the thirty year anniversary of my blood cancer diagnosis and as usual I am choosing to express some of my feelings in poetry form. I hope it encourages others …

Thirty years
Of living with cancer,
So many questions
Go unanswered.

Thirty years
Since the diagnosis,
Almost half my life
With myelofibrosis.

Thirty years
Of distant memories
Before disease and weakness
Stole my energy.

Thirty years
Of heartache and pain,
The constant weariness
Of having to explain.

Thirty years
Of testing my blood,
With those familiar words,
“Sharp scratch!”

Thirty years
Of nervously waiting
To hear what the doctor
Has to say to me.

Thirty years
Of infections,
And isolation.

Thirty years
Of medications,
And explanations.

Thirty years
Of fragility,
Fractured bones
And reduced mobility.

Thirty years
Of a hidden illness,
The distress compounded
By lack of awareness.

Thirty years
Of wrong assumptions,
And interruptions.

Thirty years
Of endless appointments
Learning to cope
With disappointment.

Thirty years
Of facing the unknown,
The fear that must
Be overcome.

Thirty years
Of uncertainty
Coming to terms
With my mortality.

Thirty years
Of declining health,
Finding the courage
To ask for help.

Thirty years
Of being guided
By special people
God has provided.

Thirty years
Of challenge and growth,
Determined never
To give up hope.

Warm wishes
Willow X


Oh @Willow wow, all I can say is you just say it so well and all I would have to do is to change the number of years and it hits the nail on the head for me.
Those familiar words ‘sharp scratch’ raised a chuckle with me.
How are you planning to spend your anniversary of your blood cancer diagnosis?
Thank you so, so, so much for sharing your poem with us all, I feel really honoured.


@Willow this was so encouraging for me this early morning . Well done both for living with the uncertainty for so long . Well done for putting your thoughts to paper to help others .


Thank you @Erica for your kind words and thoughts. So far the only plans I have for the anniversary is my regular Therapy session which happens to fall on that day! I am quite pleased really because I will aim to read the poem to my Therapist. Fortunately she is used to me reading her my poems and encourages me to do so!! Warm wishes. Willow X

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Thank you @Mayo57 for your kind words and for thinking of me. I am always pleased when my poems can be of encouragement to others. Warm wishes. Willow X


Congratulations and many more years


Hi Willow, your poem sums up exactly how I and many others feel, finding the courage to speak about it and face all that goes with it sometimes is very hard. I wish you all the best, Carol


Thank you @Catcher for your kind response. Warm wishes. Willow X

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Thank you @ladicaz for your kind words. It’s good to hear from you. Warm wishes. Willow X

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Hi Willow…thats very good.

Rest assured that people like yourself give me and others hope.

Been a tough road for you but you have braved it out

All the best👍


Thank you @Leefer for your kind words and encouragement. Warm wishes. Willow x


Thank you so much! Sharp scratch resonates. In the early days the nurse asked me if I had a problem with them taking blood. I said no, I wouldn’t scream or anything but obviously not enamoured. She said the consulting room was sound proofed so I asked if I could just scream to reflect the angst of life. She said yes, but so far I haven’t. Just 12 years since diagnosis for me but have lived past the initial life span they gave.


Thank you so much @nelletap for your kind words. Your story about the ‘sharp scratch’ really amused me! I send you my warm wishes. Willow X