Bit of a moan

I was having second thoughts about posting this, but as I live alone there’s no one here to discuss/moan about things. As a rule I applaud the NHS for everything they do, once in a while a small crack can appear, which on the face of it doesn’t seem very troublesome but can annoy none the less. I do understand the pressures in the NHS, my mother was a nurse and my father was a surgeon/GP before retiring.
This week I had to go to my GP surgery for a routine check on my type 2 diabetes, they took a blood sample which was sprung on me but no problem there. The following day they called me and wanted to see me at the surgery as soon as possible, which I arranged for the next day. So yesterday I called the doctor to see if I could have a telephone appointment instead as my fatigue level did a real number on me and I was in really no good state to drive the 20 mile round trip.
The locum doctor phoned me to express his concern about my bloods and thought I might benefit from an early appointment with my consultant. Without being too rude I explained that my next appointment was in 2 weeks and nothing in my blood results was worrying me. Just taking a bit longer to reviewing my notes would have saved me from being over anxious and stressed about something I already knew about.
That’s it, moan over. No need for any sympathy I just wanted to get it off my chest.


Hi @MikeW OK, a moan is good it ‘get’s it off your chest’ as the saying goes.
Alright no sympathy, just empathy.
You show me so clearly that it is often emotional anxiety and stress that really fatigues me too, thank you.
Please do let us know how you get on at your appointment in 2 weeks time.
We are about over the weekend if you fancy another moan and take lots of care of yourself


Hello @MikeW. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so pleased you felt able to share it here. I had a similar situation. My lovely GP who knew me for thirty years, just before and mainly after my diagnosis of Myelofibrosis was fully aware of the anomalies that always showed up in my blood tests but now that she has gone I actually received a message from another GP whilst I was in the middle of receiving a transfusion of red blood cells. They wanted to speak to me urgently because my haemoglobin (Hb) level was so low! This was why I was receiving the transfusion and, like you, if someone had just read my notes they would have known the reasons for my low Hb. It’s a good job you were on the ball and spoke up otherwise you could have had that wasted long journey plus all the stress that goes with it. It is frustrating when all it takes is for someone to ‘join the dots’ before picking up the phone. Thinking of you, Willow x


Thanks @Erica i can always count on you for an uplifting reply.

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Hi @Willow I think the combination of a really bad week and annoyance over the doctor issue peaked my frustration. I try to avoid any unnecessary trips outside my house, no doubt I would have been even more annoyed if I had indeed made the journey. I am certain that my usual doctor wouldn’t have asked to see me, we have a good rapport.