Covid on Gov website

Just had this info email sent to me…
COVID-19 vaccines highly effective in most people in clinical risk groups - GOV.UK.

If you would like to read…just go on Gov.Uk. . Interesting!


Hi @Cazzie thanks, very interesting, but I think that I will be listening more to the blood cancer experts and research into the effectiveness of vaccines on blood cancer patients.
If I have produced any antibodies how many do I need and how effective are those antibodies compared with a ‘healthy’ persons???
It’s the unknown isn’t it?


Oh yes, I will listen to my medical bods first and for most. Just thought people would may like to read and then they could discuss with their medical bods if they wanted to.


A really good idea @Cazzie, I fear there might be varying opinions and of course it depends on the patient’s situation as well, it just gets more complicated !! Thanks again

This is actually a good study but has been misrepresented by the government which is very concerning. Gemma Peters is quoted in this Guardian article which explains why this is a misleading article


Thanks @Adrian for the update, how are you doing?