Thanks to Gemma Peter's

Big thanks to Gemma for jumping in so quickly to defend us following the outrageous statement by Public Health England yesterday. Bad enough all the safety regs are being lifted without saying all CEV’s are covered with 2 jabs :hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil: Gemma is putting them straight :blush:


Thanks for highlighting this article @Karen-Ireland in the Guardian.
Yes, Gemma Peters, the Chief Executive of Blood Cancer UK is certainly doing her best to highlight the plight of Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Blood Cancer patients with this article in The Guardian today and Blood Cancer UK have had brilliant coverage in all types of media lately. Thanks so much Gemma and All.


I am so glad that Gemma Peters raised the point as outlined above, but am also concerned that Public Health England have made an inaccurate statement in the first case.

In addition, have been writing to the media to make sure that Bloodcancer UK can get a higher profile and we, blood cancer people, a higher representation. Wrote to Any Questions on Radio 4 today via email. Could not believe that there were people around who are happy to get rid of wearing masks, etc. and are completely callous about our situation. Anyway as a result, Any Answers, which follows on from Any Questions, phoned me up to ask me to talk on the programme.

I did this and critisised the government’s latest rules, specifically about not wearing face masks, which are rather frightening and dangerous. We seem to be either the forgotten, or the government does not give a monkey’s about us.

I also got a response recently when contacting Channel 4 News, so I hope perhaps Gemma may get an interview out of this. Nothing ventured; nothing gained!

If you can write to this forum with your views, please consider writing to newspapers, radio programmes, tv programmes, local newspapers, on websites, etc.

Gemma’s voice is important, so let’s support her. We may be the forgotten; but let us strive to make sure we are not.


Well, there is a start. PHE have updated the original statement
COVID-19 vaccines highly effective in most people in clinical risk groups - GOV.UK. Now ‘Most’ and added:
Health England (PHE) included more than 1 million people in at-risk groups.
Within these clinical risk groups, there will be people with more severe forms of illness – particularly in the immunosuppressed group – who may not respond as well to the vaccines, and we recommend they seek advice from their specialists.
Well done to all who chased this one :blush::purple_heart::cherry_blossom::fist::fist: