Drinking water every day

Hi, can somebody tell me the recommended amount of water I should be drinking daily? I’ve written down 3 litres but it seems a lot of water in a day! I think that’s nearly 5 pints?!


Hi Liz, welcome to our site, I hope you will find it informative and interesting. However I am unable to answer your question but all I know is we apparently all need to drink more water in the hot weather. I do drink probably a good 4 pints and try to ensure I keep my kidneys flushed as, probably most of us are, prone to kidney and urine infections. Take care of yourself and good question. It would be nice to hear more about you.

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Dear liz, you might find this information useful
When it comes to how much water you should drink a day, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends a water intake for men of 2.5 litres and a water intake for women of 2.0 litres per day, via food and drink consumption. Of this, they suggest that 70-80% of the daily water intake should come from drinks, and the remaining 20-30% should come from food[1].
The British Nutrition Foundation gives guidelines for the types of fluid to drink, and water is the only fluid which they recommend drinking “plenty” of[2] as it contains no sugar, calories or additives. In spite of this, research shows we still don’t drink enough of it

Obviously if you have any issues with your kidneys you need to consult your doctors, I am on dialysis and have to restrict fluid intake.
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Hi liz, I generally aim for 2l a day but when I was going through chemo I upped it to 3l a day. I used to barely drink anything but now I feel parched if I don’t get my 2l. And I don’t include tea or coffee in that, or I get too confused. Which is easily done with me :woman_facepalming: