Hi everyone

Just a quick post on an issue i had last year,with Autumn here and a cold Winter approaching i for one tend to drink less water/liquids during these times

Probably for obvious reasons we are not so hot we drink less.

With many of our organs working overtime already because of our illnesses its so important that we keep the liquid intake up.

Seems an obvious thing but i got a bit lazy with it last year and thought it worth a mention

My best to all of you…Lee


Hi @Leefer you raise a very good point.
I now think it is so important to keep hydrated and it is interesting as I grew up in an environment where it was not considered, and bottles of water or water bottles hadn’t been invented.
We only drank at set times during the day and that was often with meals.
On an autumn/winter day there is nothing cuddlier that hugging my steaming mug of hot water. I don’t drink tea or coffee, just a bedtime or celebratory mug of hot chocolate.
Look after yourself and ‘cheers’


I’m a big water drinker
Taking medication my kidneys need all the help they can get
I was gifted a brita water filter jug and keep in the fridge, my water tastes better and nice and cool, even my adult kids drink more water now too :smiley:

I have a Fitbit and I log each glass that I have and set myself a goal which I don’t always achieve but get close to it

Keeping hydrated is beneficial I’m lots of ways

I have a couple cups of tea and a morning coffee

I’m proud of my urine colour too :smiley: it’s very clear


I am impressed that you are proud of your urine colour @2DB !!!


Hello @Leefer
This is music to my ears as I am a big advocate for hydration for all. You are quite right in saying that if you do have a Blood Cancer, whether you are having treatment or not, keeping a healthy balanced diet and good hydration is so important.
Hot water is a great tip @Erica as although many of us go for coffee and tea they can have a mild diuretic effect, making us pass urine more. By all means have a cuppa but make sure you have your water too (hot or cold).
Water, drinks and your health - NHS.
Thanks again Lee,


Thanks Gemma

Makes a big difference to me for sure.

All the best.


My husband bought me a litre water bottle. I was advised to drink two litres of plain water in addition to other drinks that I would normally consume. I try to drink one before 1.00pm and then chill a bit with the second whilst wanting to finish it before the evening. I have now perfected drinking warm ( blood heat or warmer) water in winter something I could not ever have envisioned.
Drinking this is pretty boring but my mind was well and truly focused when, in my early months going to the hospital I met a lady who was about to start dialysis due to kidney damage. She confided in me that she hated drinking water and had always told the doctors that she had been keeping hydrated. She had not.
Being in hospital for something I could not control was one thing but receiving dialysis for a problem I could try to avoid was totally different. I am no angel and some days I fail but mostly I do succeed. My kidney scores are not great but I feel sure they could have been worse with less awareness of hydration.
Cheers, bottoms up, everyone


Great stuff.

It seems very obvious but amazing how many folk dont take enough fluids.


Good to hear so many people looking after their essential hydration. Green tea is good or if not a little sugar free cordial with warm water is more palpable for some. So very important for everyone not just those of us on this forum