Drop white blood count over 10 years

Good morning forum.
Not suffering from any form of blood cancer, but trying to understand my blood count. (Had melanoma skin cancer few years ago.
For the last 10years have had a lot of tiredness , muscle pain and joint pain.
Been to doctors but never get any answers as my blood levels still just in range on the low end.
Wbc was 7.7 10*9/l 13 years ago now it’s 4.8
Neutrophils were 3.8 now 2.8
Lymphocytes were 3.1 now 1.3
Haemglobulin was 150 now 137.
Am 50 years old male
Just wondering if it’s Normal for wbc to drop as we age.


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Hi @Andrem11 welcome to our forum.
You ask a medical question that we are not qualified to answer unfortunately.
I really hope that you manage to resolve your very generic symptoms that you have had for 10 yrs, 10 yrs is far too long to be suffering.
Is there a reason you feel it might be a blood cancer?
It really has to be your doctor in the first instance and if you do not feel that they have given you a satisfactory response then you ask for a referral to whoever can get to the bottom of your symptoms and blood test results.
Unfortunately I have had to learn to be pleasantly assertive and persistent over the years.
Look after yourself, take care

Dear @Andrem11
Thank you for posting and it is a very understandable question. As you mentioned you blood counts are still within the normal range which is reassuring. Blood counts can also alter if you have infections and can depend on activity. there is some evidence that blood counts do decrease in age but that is usually in the 6th and 7th decade of life.
Has your GP investigated your pain and fatigue in any other way apart from bloods? Is there a particular area that is painful?
I do hope you get some support from your GP as it feels like you have been suffering for some time.
Kind regards

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Thank you Gemma for replying,
Pain is all over, but generally hips and back. Also sem to have constant mucus and general feeling of unwell .
My rbc count is just below normal

Regards andrew


Morning @Andrem11. Please keep us updated on how you are getting on. Take good care of yourself.

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