Fluctuating Lymphocyte Count

Hi All. I was just wondering if any of you have had your lymphocyte count go up and down. Mine seem to spike, then stay stable then drop slightly then spike again- is this normal? I’m on watch and wait and no active treatment at the moment.


Hi @Pickle23 as a fellow ‘watch and waiter’ of 19 yrs yes, my lymphocytes do fluctuate and I have been told that is for various reasons:
Time of day the blood samples are taken
When the blood samples are tested
Which lab the samples are tested at
The human element etc.
I now go with the fluctuations unless something looks seriously amiss and then I get it checked out. This goes for all my blood test results.
However if you are concerned, and that is the important thing, please do get it checked out with your specialist nurse, consultant or GP
Look after yourself and take care