From leukaemia to lyrics: how music can help

You may have already seen this on our Facebook page, but on World CML Day we shared the story of Scott who is living well with CML and has found music, as his moniker Leukaemia Lad, to be a powerful way of reflecting and sharing his story!

See more here, and listen to his rap!

Have you found a creative outlet since your diagnosis?


Hi, Scott is so inspiring, I love his rap and I think it is such a brilliant outlet for him to sing and us to listen to. I think singing also helps with endorphins, posture, heart and lung function etc. Anything that stops my mind going into negative, fearful overdrive also has my vote. My creative outlet is listening to all types of music from the 1960’s onwards. I just know what I like as opposed to saying I like everything by a certain artist. Music is the one outlet that can completely take over my mind. I have my music downloaded on my Walkman and I listen to it on ‘shuffle’. A friend of mine who sees me out and about calls ‘Walkman’s’ ‘Erica’s’.

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Great story! Without a doubt music is one of the main things that got me through when times were tough. I love listening to music and singing all day long, it really cheers me up. Looking to join a choir once I’m fitter and safe enough for me to be round all those people.