Good News for a CML Patient after 3rd Covid Jab

I am cml patient taking imatinib for the last 13 years. I just wanted to share my good news. I have done two antibody tests both with Monitor My Health who use the Roche test. In September my antibody score was 600 u/ml, so down at the bottom end of the chart, but at least I had a few antibodies. I have just received the result of my second test, completed six weeks after my third jab, and my antibody score is 2500u/ml and I am now right at the top of the chart. This result supports several articles I’ve read that report low antibody rates after first and second jabs but the third jab hits the spot.


Hi @Darish, that is brilliant news and thanks so much for letting us all know.
It encourages everyone to get their 3rd Covid vaccine.
I hope you are keeping well and I look forward to hearing more from you.
Look after yourself

That’s really great news!

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Same for me. I went up from 103 after two AZ, to >2500 after the third, Pfizer. (Take hydroxycarbamide for ET).
What we don’t know is how quickly these high levels will go down. I’ve had to pay £140 twice over to get my antibody tests.


Hi @patmroberts, those antibodies have really risen.
I haven’t heard anything about how soon the vaccines loose efficacy, I don’t know if others can help.
The cost of those antibody tests adds up.
Look after yourself.

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