Hard, non-painful lump, cancer?

Hello. I hope this is okay!

A few days ago I found a hard, relatively immovable lump at the back of my neck right under my skull. It was about pea sized and not hard like a bone but still very firm and not squishy. I emailed my Dr about it and they requested I come in on Monday so I scheduled the appointment and now I feel like I’m going to throw up. All I’m finding on Google is that it’s most likely cancer.

I do feel like it got bigger in the last 5 hours since I fell asleep but I was touching it a LOT yesterday trying to see if it really was hard, the size, etc. So I’m wondering if it’s less likely it’s cancer, because obviously that would be slow growing but if it was that it wouldn’t necessarily grow that fast?

I have no spleen, hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos, and dysautonomia so it’s not too strange for my body to do weird things but I’ve not had this specific thing happen. My platelets were slightly elevated back in November but again, no spleen, so that happens occasionally.
Since I do have health stuff, I already have fatigue (though due to a new med I’m taking, I’m feeling much less fatigued) and occasional night sweats but those aren’t every night. Otherwise no other symptoms (such as weight loss, consistent SOB that’s different from my dysautonomia related, etc).

But Google keeps telling me it could only be cancer. So. Ugh.

Any reassurance is very appreciated!

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Hi @rainbowveins and I am so glad that you have found us, it must be a worrying time for you and perhaps Dr Google will only make you feel more anxious.
It gave me a prognosis of 5-10 yrs and I am still here 20 yrs later
We cannot tell you what is wrong and we are all complex beings and as you demonstrate so well with unique medical histories.
I am not a medical person, but perhaps touching it s ‘LOT’ might not improve matters.
Why do all our medical things come just before the weekend?
Perhaps write down your fears and questions over the weekend and a potted medical history, so you are prepared for you appointment.
Obviously if your symptoms change over the weekend then ring 111 or 999 or go to A&E. I am saying this not because I think it will happen, I am not a medical person, but as common sense.
Perhaps try and divert your mind and be very kind to yourself over the weekend and please do keep posting.