I need some advice - lump on neck

Hi there!

I recently found a lump in the front of my neck, it can only be seen when I look up at the ceiling. It is moveable and it is painless. I have no other symptoms, any ideas what this could be?

I have booked a private complete blood count test just so I can check them.

I have a doctors appointment booked on the 25th august for my skin and I am going to mention it then!

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Hi @Lucylou1234 and welcome to the forum.
I completely understand how anxious you must be feeling. However, I wouldn’t like to comment on what it could be - that’s definitely one for you medical team. Lumps and bumps can be a whole matter of things.
What I can say is that you are doing all the right things. It’s always good to get things checked out. Write down any questions you have ready for your appointment in august and please keep us updated on how you are getting on :blush:


Thank you! I mean I feel generally well in myself, it’s just odd, when I’ve googled it it’s mentioned lymphoma and leukaemia and things like that and it’s so odd because I feel fine. When I press on it, ut moves, has anyone else had anything like this?


Hi @Lucylou1234 a great big welcome to our forum, sorry I cannot help you but I certainly relate to your anxiety.
Every lump and bump I find triggers anxiety and I always get them checked out.
You are doing the right thing taking control and you have made your appointments.
Now of course is the waiting and not knowing which is horrible.
You say that you generally feel well so perhaps try and just get on with your life and do nice things to divert your mind.
Really look after yourself and please let us know how you get on.

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Can you be asymptomatic and have blood cancer? Like if I only have a lump and nothing else could that be cancer?


Hi @Lucylou1234 I think that might be a good question for your doctor on the 25th as they will have the whole medical picture.
I find it is useful to write down all my questions beforehand so I cover them all.
Be kind to yourself


Hello @Lucylou1234

I just wanted to let you know I have sent you a DM with some questions about how you are feeling, and whether you have had any recent infections.

From your photo, it certainly looks like this is an enlarged lymph node.
Lymph nodes aren’t usually painful, but can cause some discomfort if they enlarge and then press on other parts of the body.
Most often the cause of an enlarged lymph node is from the immune system doing it’s proper job of fighting off an infection. It can sometimes take several weeks or months for the lymph node to reduce back to it’s normal size.
It might be that you have had a viral illness, your body has dealt with it so quickly and before you have even felt poorly!

You asked whether you could have an enlarged lymph node, no symptoms and have a blood cancer - the answer is yes, although please know that this is a rare occurrence.
Really the only way to know if you have a blood cancer is to have a simple haematology blood test. Sometimes an ultrasound scan of the enlarged node may be requested too.

It’s good to read in your threads that you are feeling well in yourself and feel fine. I would suggest you let your GP know you have this enlarged node ahead of your appointment on the 25th, as they may want to discuss it sooner or request bloods for you before your appointment with them which is a good opportunity to talk about any results.

If you would like, do call the support line tomorrow, if you need any more information or support.
Best wishes, Heidi.