How are you doing? Why not grab a cup of tea and come have a chat ☕

Hi there forum family!

We wanted to invite you all for a Tea & Chat! The current situation might mean that we can’t go to our favourite cafes or catch-up for a quick brew with our nearest and dearest, but that certainly doesn’t have to stop everyone from enjoying this from the comfort of our own homes within our forum community!

So please feel free to grab a warm cuppa (and maybe a few biscuits !:blush:), and use this topic to chat about your favourite and most meaningful things.

It could be….

*A film which never fails to take your mind off things, or one which really resonates with you in light of your personal experiences…the same could go for a book or a song

*Or perhaps you’re a fan of our beloved furry friends, and you have a pet who has given you some much needed comfort during trying times

*Or perhaps we have some talented chefs and bakers among our forum family, if so, we’d love to hear about your favourite dish to make or one that holds special meaning for you

We know that the things which bring us comfort and joy can do so, not just at a difficult time like this but anytime. And so we do hope this can be both a safe and timeless space for you all to share with eachother the things which are important to you (and by no means do they need to be restricted to our examples above!)

Lets hear it! :smiley: :+1:

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What a fabulous idea.
My dogs have definitely been a massive support to me over the last year and a bit. Being my sofa companions during chemo, and making me go and exercise throughout shielding.


Hi All, firstly, I have a very hot, mug of hot chocolate and several pieces of my favourite shortbread and triple chocolatey biscuits, they are my comfort foods and a hug in a mug.
I am wearing my honey monster red/pink/orange onesie.
It is a dark evening, I am sitting on my bed, the heating is on and the roller blind is down over the window. I love my roller blind It has various birds, butterflies and dragon flies sitting on delicate branches on it.
I am watching Strictly or Dancing on Ice and then I will watch an American cop show or Scandi/Nordi sub title crime drama.
The films that emotionally get to me are The Karen Carpenter Story, My Sister’s Keeper (although I think the book was better) and Brief Encounter.
Humour wise I like the clever verbal humour of Yes, Minister or Prime Minister and you cannot beat Only Fools and Horses.
Book wise it is Jody Picoult and Anthony Horowitz and also crime novels amongst many others.
I love walking with my walkman playing my favourite music 'cose I am very nosey.
I love an eclectic mix of pop music from the 60’s to today.
Families and friends are really priceless.
I await others thoughts with interest.

Hi @SP7, a couple of cuties there and as you say they are therapeutic in so many ways.

Hi @SP7

That’s a great photo of your dogs. I also find my dog is a great source of companionship and comfort. She sits on a sofa beside me most of the day while I’m working online:

Unfortunately often when I’m in the middle of a class she’ll decide she wants to go out or get up on my lap. Greatly amuses the students.

All the best,



Hi @Dyslexicprof, another therapeutic cutie, she’ll be on the payroll soon where you work.

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I’m at work so no cuddly pictures for me. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Luna - the darker one does exactly the same, my students love her!
Unfortunately me being at home more than I have been in school this year has made her very clingy.

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Hello everyone, :wave: I was wondering whether this might be a good thread to revive :slight_smile: Feel free to talk about anything you like, including how you’re feeling and coping at the moment :slight_smile: :coffee:

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