IgM kappa monoclonal band found in blood

I’ve had a painless lump on my neck for the past 5 and a half weeks. I had an ultrasound scan, and the provisional conclusion was that it is a branchial cleft cyst. However, I also had a blood test and my GP just rang me today and said there is an abnormality in my blood test results. My patient notes say: “Immunofixation shows the presence of an IgM kappa monoclonal band”. I note it also says “Bone profile Report, Abnormal”.

Is this of extreme concern? I’m now thinking that the lump is a swollen lymph node and is indicative of lymphoma?

I have no symptoms whatsoever apart from this lump.

BTW, 5 days before I first noticed the lump, I had been shaving my neck with a number one razor (which I never do, usually), and I reckoned at the time it was caused by this. But now I’m freaking out that I have cancer.


Hi @IanW a great big welcome to our forum, it shows your concern.
Unfortunately we are not medically trained to give you the answers you seek.
There is a lot of of waiting and not knowing I am afraid. I wait on tests, appointments and results and I still get anxious even after 20 yrs since my diagnosis.
Also our symptoms can be a variety of conditions and all tests are to rule in or out conditions.
Your time is limbo is horrible please do be kind to yourself, try and divert yourself and please do keep posting how you are getting on.