Key to abbreviations used in topics

Hi everyone. Could I suggest that this important site has a click on page that would give us a key to the abbreviations used in the online conversations. TPLL (for instance) means nothing to me. I have to leave the page to “google” what the abbreviation actually stands for. Not being very clever as far as this technical stuff goes, by the time I’ve looked up what the person is diagnosed with (and talking about), I often lose the page I was on to start with.


Very good point @Sandy2 there are some abbreviations that if you type them in they give the name like Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), yes I see it’s just done it.
Anything that means that I have to leave a page is fraught with disaster for me too
I will pass your suggestion on to @alicebloodcanceruk
Thanks again @Sandy2 and look after yourself


Thank you @Sandy2 for raising this important point. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Hopefully this issue can be looked at as it really would make life easier for everyone using this excellent forum. In every other way it is so good. Thank you Blood Cancer UK for providing this support. Take care. Willow X