New painfull neck lump

Hi All, I am still waiting for an Ultra Sound of a new painful neck lump, with a possible biopsy. I have been feeling tired, listless, and nauseous lately. I read earlier that the painful lump could be sign of an infection, and that blood tests would determine that. Should I wait till after the Ultra Sound, or get some bloods done now. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated . Regards Ron

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Hi @Vindicatrix. Sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. I have copied in @GemmaBloodCancerUK as she will be the one more able to offer advice around anything medical :blush:


Hi @Vindicatrix all I can say is I echo @Nichola75 response.
I can also tell how anxious you must be and also feeling rotten.
now gives you the chance to write down your thoughts, questions and symptoms etc., the waiting is the worst.
Please let us know how you get on and take lots of care of yourself

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HI Ron, I have messaged you directly and do keep in touch. Take care Gemma