New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year when I start thinking about my New Year Resolutions, otherwise it get’s to that midnight and I am no good at thinking on my feet, however I am not good at keeping my resolutions either.
No.1 is to do LESS housework.
No. 2 is to spend more time with and do more things with my husband and son.
No. 3 Take more ‘ME TIME’.
No.4 Have more ‘ME TREATS’
No.5 Say ‘NO’ more.
No. 6 Go on more short breaks.
No. 7 Contact and spend more time with friends.
No. 8 Eat more healthily, but also have the odd treat.
No.9 Don’t procrastinate.
No. 10 Vary what I cook more.
That’s my top 10, what are your proposed New Year Resolutions?

Some really good ones there Erica. I’m especially in favour of no.1! I don’t really do resolutions, but every New Year the 4 of us sit down and decide on things we’d like to do in the new year. We call it ‘hopes, wishes and dreams’. It includes holidays, day trips, ambitions and things like that. Last year it had things like ‘get a dog’, ‘run a marathon’, ‘move up a level at swimming’ - so a mix of big things and smaller things. We don’t usually manage all of them, but it’s a nice process deciding on them. Good luck with yours in 2020. I look forward to hearing how you get on x


I love the ‘hopes, wishes and dreams’, we don’t even achieve the practical resolutions. I unusually fail at No.1 as I think either something will come up tomorrow or I might feel unwell tomorrow. Let’s report back this time next year.

Less housework? Don’t think I could less than I do now. Clothes only get ironed if they need it, bedding gets washed and straight back on beds (although I do iron pillowcases) Vacuum gets done once a week, and dusting usually a mad flick of the duster if I know someone is coming! Kitchen worktops and sink area are cleaned as I go and bathroom cleaned daily. Yes I wouldn’t pass an inspection!
I think your resolutions are fantastic Erica, and are focussed on bringing more joy into your life. I don’t make resolutions or have a bucket list. I have found that life is more exciting that way. We have already booked our holiday as it is G’s 70th birthday in May, so we are going on a Great Rail Journey around Scotland. We are already going to London in February and to see Crowded House in June.
Looking back on this last year I have had some Bloodwise adventures (House of Commons, collecting at 4 The Girls performances and chatting with some of the cast, and speaking at an induction day at HQ before attending the Carols at the Royal Albert Hall) I did a tour of the NE and Lake District for our Ruby wedding anniversary, meeting up with friends and family along the way. We had an amazing holiday in Stresa, Italy in May. I caused laughs as I kept saying I felt like a Bond Girl going in fast boats to the different islands. I also met up with relatives I had not seen for a long time at my mother’s 90th party in October, and my uncle’s 80th party this weekend. Helping our youngest buy his first property and holding my fourth grandchild were also high points. Wow! What a year and what a lucky girl I am.
Lisa, did you get a dog, and do the boys help look after it? I look forward to hearing what you have planned for 2020


Great thread Erica!

it’s so lovely to see that the goals you both are focused on centre around self-care, spending time with your loved ones and doing the things you enjoy :blush::+1:

@MrsGriff, haha yes, that’s what we all want to know, did you end up getting the dog?

and Erica, what about your No.10, any ideas for some new dishes to cook yet?

Look forward to hearing all about some more new years resolutions! :grin:

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