Songs you use to lift your spirits

I was thinking the other day about how I use music to lift my spirts on down days, and was interested to hear if any one else does the same. Music seems to be able to bypass the negative part of your brain and connect with something more positive for a moment.
I will start you off with my go to song when I feel despondent as it helps me to believe in myself and not let all the other stuff grind me down.

Best wishes to you all


Ooohhh, a brilliant topic, Alfie, I am going to go more general as my specific song list is endless, perhaps what I am saying is I think all my song list takes me out of myself, even the melancholy songs. A good bit of Queen, Bonnie Tyler, Meatloaf get me singing (shouting) along in my own little world. I shall go down the road singing to myself now.


I listen to music all the time, mainly classical, but love Moody Blues (going to see Justin in September :heart_eyes:), Springsteen, Billy Joel, Crowded House, and Annie Lennox. A song which really resonates is Joshua Radin, Brand New Day. I can’t do the clever stuff like Alfie, but it is on You Tube.


Dear Louise , here is the video you mentioned. I have just listened to it on you tube and can see why it resonates with you.

Best wishes alfie


Hi Erica, it’s good to hear that you find music therapeutic, it’s why I started this topic to encourage patients to use it to aid recovery or to release pent up emotions and help with stress.
Best wishes

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One for me that came out just as I got my diagnosis, P!nk and Courage, I love pink anyway and find a lot of her music fits my fighting mood.


Some lovely song suggestions here! Music can be so powerful.

One of my favourites is George Ezra - Paradise. I think its partly because there was a video made to the song after London to Paris last year, and its wonderful! I’ll pop it here if you don’t know the song and/or haven’t seen the video!