Studio Gauthier

Hi Duncan,

Tasting menu and pictures attached as promised. One of the best meals I’ve ever had and certainly in my top 5 of all time so far!

Definitely worth a visit and so nice to be able to eat anything off the menu rather than have 1 or 2 options!

Kind regards,



Oh @CarolineL and @Duncan those pictures look stunning and I am salivating here.


Honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten and each course just got better and better! So sweet of them to mark our anniversary as well with their chocolate work.



That all looks utterly delicious, @CarolineL! Thank you so much for sharing those photos. What a treat. Utterly mouthwatering knowing I could just eat all that and not have to think about its ingredients!!! I’m salivating too, @Erica! Funnily enough I’d read about Gauthier being so esteemed and suddenly going vegan. As we probably all should, hey? Lucky you, I’m going to drop hints to my other half. Those Yorkshire pudding-looking pastries, oh my :drooling_face:


The pastries were delicious and beautiful as it was like the folds of a petal on top! They tasted like a really indulgent and unctuous croissant and we were firmly encouraged to tear it into pieces and dunk it into the Parmentier dip which was also delicious.

We were in the restaurant for 4.5 hours and not at any point did they rush us or hover to get us to shift, not even when we were one of the last tables. In fact they said they loved the way we had approached the tasting menu and that we had done it properly as we savoured each course, took our time and discussed it.

Definitely start dropping hints and do sign up to the newsletter so you can take advantage of any special offers - you won’t regret it!