The Ashes & Cricket

Any Cricket fans here, not an expert myself, but LUV the ashes.
Ok as it stands England are 33 runs ahead 2nd innings 26 without loss 3rd day.

My plan would be get 200 ahead or at least bat for the day, then declare
England Give two days to get Aussie out.

Any thoughts
Is this too ambitious, would you want a bigger total before England declare?

@Erica @Iain

Rain stops play! It’s England, summer and weather.

2 days if uninterrupted play could leave those ‘colonial bleeders’ a good chance of getting a win or at least block for a draw.
It’s Stokes United that are targeting the win to entertain the crowd. Match started close and I don’t see that changing.

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When would you declare then?
How long would you allow yourself to get Aussie out & win test?
We only need to get them out once more to win test

I’m thinking more 250 lead with a day and half for them to get Aussies.
It’s a well balanced game.

My dad is first gen and very close to his roots and generally loves watching cricket regardless of who is playing though India is always our team of choice. Though I’ll generally watch any sport bar horse racing and golf I see cricket as a very father son thing! I’ll happily pay the extortionate fees if it means my dad doesn’t need to but can access it all on his iPad.

I too love the ashes and though I can’t sit through an entire session without getting distracted I always like knowing the score and keeping updated with the scores!

It’s crazy to think that ipl generates more money than the premier league

I have a feel weather has a huge part to pay in the first test

@Iain @Rammie18 I think England will get a draw at the very least, especially if rain persists (draw) although that would still be a shame considering the declaration.

They should play at centre parcs

Now Rammie you’ll have to ask your dad his thoughts on the great 1984 Windies team who ‘Blackwashed’ Gower’s England 5:0

The reason I ask is I will always remember that test series as I watched it in the Leicester Royal Infirmary being treated for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Consultant Dr Khanna a man of the Punjab entres the room and asks “what’s the score” and me telling him that Sir Clives boys were rattling up centuries for fun. I said “they’re good, but it’s their game” to which he corrected me “They’re good but its our game”.

Now that from a man of the Raj :wink:

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Now we have 2 days left with England having a slender lead loosing 2 wickets.

England’s Options

A*/ play sensible which may mean a draw or victory *

*B/Go " slog out " throwing caution to wind, to get win which would mean declaring at some stage, perhaps gambling

@Rammie18 @Iain

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That’s the question of the whole Series.
“Bazball and entertain” or “Its the Ashes don’t lose to the Aussies”
Its the old adage of winning isn’t everything! or is it? Its sport as entertainment.

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What are your instincts now @Iain 121-3 lead 128.
Run rate 6.9 per over, momentum is good
They have lost another wicket

Pity Root has just gone eng 130-4
Lead 137
Bairstow lbw England 196-6 lead 203

I’m still thinking 250 declare with Ali being the last ‘batter’, but don’t tell Broady who thinks he’s a star with both bat and ball. Fresh pace with new ball in the evening?
The ex-players are going more 280 to 300.
Down to small errors and/or the weather.

Aussie need 281 for Victory and are 78-2
Slightly in England’s favour?
Ie England should not loose, but a lot of concentration is required and careful decision made by the Captain, accuracy will be vital as even if you don’t take wickets you can keep runs down with sensible bowling especially on final day.

78-3 Broad!!!

@Iain what are your thoughts now
Aus 180 -5
& targeting 281 for Victory
England need 5 wickets to win
@Rammie18 as a neutral can you imagine or say what the tactics of each team will be?

Ask me when they get the new ball. As expected its a close one but at moment Aussies edging. Stokes coming on!

Exactly !
Aus 209 -7

I can see England winning eventually but if aus hang on than you simply have to applaud them

Hope you’re right Rammie. As for waiting for the new ball why worry with Root just taking a good bowl catch with the old one. Still not a ĝiven.
Whatever the result it’s been as great contest of styles credit to both sides. Test cricket needs it.

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When the game isn’t ruined by weather it’s a brilliant sport!!!

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@Rammie18 @Iain
& I thought watching Everton was nervous!?
Did we really declare in our first innings?!