The UK Covid-19 inquiry would like you to share your experience

Hi everyone, the UK Covid‑19 Inquiry would like you to share your experiences. Your answers will help them understand the effect of Covid-19 across the UK and any lessons to be learned. You do not need to have had the Covid‑19 virus to take part.
Your answers will be sent anonymously to the Inquiry.


Is this the same? (The link I had looked different) I have just filled it in. It asks the question about what could have been done better so plenty of space to discuss all kinds of relevant matters to those of us with blood cancer.

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Hi Coastgirl, yes it’s the same link thank you for filling it in and have to agree plenty of room to air your views.

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The UK Covid-19 Inquiry is seeking experiences from people HEB Partner across the UK to understand the impact of Covid-19 and learn any lessons from it. Participation does not require having had the virus.

A great welcome to our forum @Stevebravo and I really look forward to hearing more about you and how you are.
Look after yourself