Three lumps on neck - I assume are enlarged lymph nodes

About 6 weeks ago I noticed an enlarged lymph node on right side of my neck. Since then, I found 2 more on the left side but slightly to the back. The others I have found are bigger than the original one

All are hard, don’t move and are not painful, but I seem to be able to feel them slighly less sow hen I push on them. When I found the first one I thought it might even be a muscle knot, but now I definitely think they are and feel like lymph nodes - no other symptoms

GP appt tomorrow

anyone else got/had similar and what do/did your lymph nodes feel like

thank you

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Hi @Jessicax13 a al so glad that you have found, although you might not need us.
Obviously you are concerned, the unknown is scary.
You say that you have a GP appointment tomorrow.
Perhaps tell them your concerns.
Any tests the GP does will be to rule conditions out as much as to rule them in.
While you are waiting be very kind to yourself and please do let us know how you get on.