Vaccine workaround that may enable you to book earlier

I know some of you are waiting to hear from the NHS about the vaccine. There is a mixture of letters phones and texts going out. Obviously if they send you a letter it may take a while to come through but whilst it’s in the post you are eligible to book in. So especially if you know your local GP surgery isn’t giving the vaccine themselves you can visit this URL, put your NHS number in confirm you are CEV and they will probably allow you to book today or in a few days time. I checked a couple of days ago and couldn’t book but was today able to book at a choice of site and time for both first snd second jab.


Thanks @Adrian, thanks for this information, I had my first Pfizer vaccine today and it went smoothly and efficiently, I look forward to hearing from people who try this system.

I tried after @Adrian posted on Facebook and was able to book. First one tomorrow :grinning:

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Brilliant news @SP7, let us know how it goes.

Thanks Adrian
The link worked for me today I am so glad we in the blood cancer community care for each other during these challenging times . You have reduced my stress Thank you again

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Thanks for this! I have booked for next Sunday and 2nd 11 weeks later at local race course. I haven’t received the letter yet so a bit nervous I will be challenged but will take CEV evidence

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I just had to show the booking number, which I got by text. I took my shielding letter as they ask for your NHS number.

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Thanks for posting this Adrian! We’ve just put some info about this on our website - anyone who is classed as clinically extremely vulnerable who is struggling to get their vaccine appointment invitation could try this.

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Hi @Gwenda

I did this for my parents a fortnight ago and felt the same… but you seriously have nothing to worry about… you’re not trafficking…

If anything take your booking ref and Nhs number and you maybe able to bypass the queue.

I was nervous not having any documentation for them but all my nerves were eased as soon as we got through… I was even allowed to be with them when they got jabbed.

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Thank you! In the end I got an appointment with the GP a few days earlier. They phoned and suggested I cancelled the one at the racecourse- a bit of a turf war going on I think!


Oh @Gwenda, that’s good news that you got an appointment with your GP, I ‘bet’ you were relieved, you obviously share my sense oh humour with ‘racecourse’ and 'turf war. Take care and I look forward to hearing more from you soon.
Has anyone else had this experience?

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