Very scared I might have lymphoma!

Hi everyone. I’m a 19 years old white girl and I’ve been worrying about lymphoma.
I noticed I have a squishy bump on the back of both of my ears and I literally thought it was something everybody had. My mom has one too. Never cause me problems. I’ve had it for literally a lifetime. I started getting concerned after finding out about lymphoma. I have a lump on my groin which has been there for years now. It darkened and releases a white liquid and blood when I squeeze a lot. Recently I went on and looked for other swollen bumps and found nothing in the breast area, but I did find a swollen bump
right under my chin, on the right side. When I touched the left side, it wasn’t the same. I remember, 4 years ago, I went to the doctor for swollen stuff on my neck and he checked it. I was scared I had cancer. He said it was all okay and when he did a blood test, he said that my white blood cells were a little low, but all normal. I
recently did many blood tests and my White and red cells are perfect, as the doctor said. Im just scared because of this bump on my neck which is quite big and since I started noticing it a couple days ago, sometimes it hurts, not when I touch it. It is a weird pain. It moves a little and it is squishy.
My cholesterol levels are good. I’ve struggled with
3 difficult colds recently. 1 of them came after my sister got it. I went to the doctor who said that I have asthma. I also struggled with many cystitis in the beginning of 2022 every time I had s*x. When I started using lube, it stopped.

Im very scared. Does this sound concerning?


Hi @Tesa you sound really scared and anxious and I am so glad that you have found us.
We cannot give you a diagnosis on here, only someone with medical training can do that.
You have typed out all the symptoms you have here, how long you have had them and if they run in the family.
That is a brilliant start for a medical appointment so you ensure that you cover everything that is concerning you
Also state your fears and ask if it could be lymphoma.
As we often say on here it is the not knowing and waiting for tests/appointment/results that are the worst feelings.
Would your mom or sister go to the appointment with you for support?
Please take care and really look after yourself and let us know how you get on.


Hi @Tesa and welcome to Forum.
@Erica has given great advice. Definitely a conversation to have with your GP.
It can be very frightening when we look things up online. What’s more important - as Erica said - is that you take these concerns back to your GP. Write them all down so you don’t forget. Of course it is a worry but your GP sounds very thorough and approachable which is great.
Please keep us updated on how you get on :blush:


Hi @Tesa sorry to hear you have these worries. As Erica and Nichola have said, it’s important you speak to your healthcare team about your concerns, and make them aware that the lump on your groin has persisted, and that you have noticed a new lump under your chin, as it’'s really important you get these checked out. I’ll loop in the @BloodCancerUK_Nurses in case they can add anything more. I do hope you’re doing okay - have you spoken to anyone about your worries, such as family or friends, as it sounds like a tough time.


Dear @Tesa
Welcome to the forum and I am so sorry to hear that you have been so scared about these symptoms. I am glad to hear that you have visited your GP regarding your lumps and that your blood count is normal. We have some information on Blood cancer symptoms and signs | Blood Cancer UK that you can have a look at, this does not mean that you have a blood cancer but can be really useful for discussions with your GP. If you are concerned about new lumps, in particular the one under your chin, you should arrange to see your GP today and I would suggest if they do reassure you that is is fine then ask what they suspect it is? Often they can know lumps are a Lipoma - NHS ( but it is important they tell you that.
The persistent colds are not unusual for this time of year unfortunately but with asthma must be exhausting. Are you any treatment for your asthma? You also seem to have resolved your cystitis issue which is a positive step.
I do hope this helps but if you would like to talk things through please do call: Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK
Kind regards


Hi @Tesa I have been thinking about you, you said you were very scared and I wondered how you are doing?
Look after yourself

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