Walk of Light 2024

Hi All, some people wanted to know details on the Walk of Life 2024
There is a Facebook group set up where people can ask other members if they are planning to organise their own event in your area and, perhaps, everyone can join forces. The group is here: Walk of Light | Facebook.
It is a stunning, yet poignant event, enjoy and a brilliant fundraiser as well.


Thanks for the information @Erica X


@Erica signed up, route planned and JustGiving page up and running, “Walk and Selfies” as it is a short walk along the quaysides of Newcastle and Gateshead but packed with selfie worthy landmarks and view every few steps.
Anyone in the area are welcome to join in.


Thank you for adding this @Erica
I did the Walk of Light last year, in Birmingham, as I don’t live too far away now, but have done all of my nurse training in Birmingham.
It was a great event and for me the best part was the focus was on blood cancer and those connected to blood cancer.
Other big events have runners or walkers for the many different charities and so people that are supporting blood cancer specific charities can get ‘lost’ in the hundreds/thousands of people.
This event also made me appreciate the spectrum of people affected, as there were family, children, co-workers, friends, as well as people with a blood cancer, all taking part.
Often as a nurse I forget that it’s not just the person with the cancer and/or their partner that is affected, so many people in their lives also want to help and support them. It was a very positive event, with great consideration that some people may be walking to remember loved ones or currently going through treatment. Hopefully going again this year.
@clickinhistory - Your walk sounds like a wonderful event too - already looking forward to your photos. :blush: