4 week wait for my third blood test

Hi there,

I was suffering from calf pain in February. Following a full blood count at GP, they found signs of clotting also slightly elevated white blood cell count. It turns out i had 2 DVT’s in my leg. My GP wanted to see me again 3 weeks after starting anti-coagulants. He took another FBC and again it has shown elevated white blood cell count. He told me to make an appointment for 4 weeks time and said that he was going to check my stomach. He asked if i had been unwell recently, any infections etc. I have been perfectly well apart from DVT pain.

I’ve convinced myself that it’s leukaemia of some sort. There are 4 small blood spots on my stomach and i keep getting a re-occuring skin infection.

I have 2 more weeks to wait and I feel sick with worry.

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Hi @Thistleuk21, a big welcome to our forum.
I believe the trouble with blood cancers and other conditions is they often share similar symptoms which make them very difficult to diagnose and that is probably why they want to wait 4 weeks for your 3rd blood test to see how your body settles down. Perhaps (I am not medically trained) also make sure everyone knows about your re-occurring skin infection. I have learnt over the years that I have to take responsibility for my conditions and reminding medical people sometimes, we are complex, unique, special people.
However as we all know that does not help your feelings and thoughts which I expect are in overdrive.
The watching and waiting is the worst and I even after 17 yrs get feelings of apprehension before medical appointments.
We are here to support you and if you would like to talk to someone the support line details are above.
However, what I would say is if you feel any symptoms are changing or you get new ones please do seek medical advice.
Your feelings are so natural and so hard, please take lots of care of yourself.

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Hi Erica,

Thanks for taking your time to reply. Its much appreciated.

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