Information re Covid testing

I can’t seem to find an answer to my confusion about Covid testing and hope you might be able to throw some light on it.

When my partner tested positive for covid during what was supposed to be a short stay in hospital when his diabetes got out of control I asked if he would be released when he got a negative test result and the nurse said that they couldn’t test for 90 days once you had tested positive because the result would not be reliable. In the end they kept him in isolation for 28 days moving him from ward to ward with mixed occupants, some were just contacts and some had tested positive. Not an ideal situation but I appreciate that they just didn’t have the beds or facilities to put everyone in their own isolation room.

I digress. The thing is that I have since heard that people who have tested positive are allowed out of isolation after 7 days if they get a negative test result.

So my confusion is how can they get a negative test result after 7 days if you can’t get a reliable test for 90 days?

Obviously with me having Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and being 77 and at consierable risk (although I have had 3 vaccines and will need a booster too in the new year) I am very concerned about the mixed messages that I seem to be getting.

Was I misinformed about the 90 days testing? xx

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I have no idea @AnnC76 but have you taken it up with the hospital, perhaps with their PALS (patients advice and liaison services) to say what they say first.
I can imagine that you feel confused with the mixed messages.
The Blood Cancer UK support services are there if you would like to talk to someone.
I await hearing from others.
The main thing is that you both keep safe and look after yourselves now.
Please let us know what the hospital/PALS say.

Covid testing is not reliable until 90 days after testing positive. The viral load you may still carry can give false positives. However your viral load would not generally give a false negative. The thought is now that you should no longer be infectious after 7 days as long as you test negative. Thats my understanding as a rule of thumb if it helps. Stay safe and take care x