The Friday Forum Jukebox Club!

Hi there forum family,

How are we all?

For all of you music fans within our forum community, we wanted to introduce to you ……The Friday Forum Jukebox Club! :musical_note: :partying_face:

What is this we hear you ask? Well this is how it works….

Every Friday, the Support Services Team will share with you two random words.

And then we warmly welcome you to either share a YouTube link or describe a song related to one or both of those words (feel free to be as imaginative as you like :smiley:!)

We would love to hear why you pick the song/s, but there’s no pressure at all, if you’d rather just share the name of the song/s with a YouTube (you decide! :smiley:)

We all know there is a lot going on for our forum community – and through these trying, challenging times, we do hope that some light-hearted relief can go a long way for you all.

So please feel free to join the Jukebox fun!

If you’d like to take part the first two words are:

  • Head

  • Green

Take care and happy Friday everyone,

Warmest wishes from the Support Services Team

Su, Alice, Bav, Sophie, Rebecca & Kate


This is just up my street, I so love my music, both songs are from when I was young.
Head - The Shangri-Las and Leader of the Pack, 1964, it was such a different production for a song in it’s time and it brought a tear to my eyes every time I heard it.
Green - Peter Green (or Peter Allen Greenbaum) of Fleetwood Mac in their early days, 1968, and the song has to be the instrumental Albatross, it takes me to another world and is one of the songs that I want at my funeral.
I am really looking forward to hearing from others.

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What I play when I need cheering up. Head Over Heels :slight_smile:

I’m having Abba played at my funeral too as I want people to have a good time!


Brilliant choice @Franko.