"The Marquee" - an allegory for cancer

I’ve just joined this community but unfortunately I’ve had cancer before. When I got it last time, I imagined being in a Marquee with me standing just inside it and others being right at the centre about to face their doom. Anyway 14 years on, I wanted to share with you a poem (of sorts) that describes the Marquee - I hope it helps - Laura

The Marquee

A beautiful décor, white Egyptian cotton billowing in the faint breeze.
With chandeliers that draw the crisp January sunlight and illuminate the crowd.
Such a superb array of folk enjoying their Dom Perignon and yet… in all of their eyes there is a tear.

It is a large Marquee made up of circles of wonderful souls.
They don’t know one another they’ve never met and yet,
that tear, is what draws them together as knowing friends.
Those at the centre have an additional burden. They know the champagne will end.

I entered the marquee 14 years ago but stood resolutely at the entrance. For me, the champagne kept flowing and now I reluctantly, fearfully re-enter the marquee a little further in. Not at the centre but nearer.

What twists and turns befall me; what adventures and difficulties will I face. Will I go the centre? Will the champagne cease?


Hi @LauraMM, all I can say is ‘wow’ I can picture that marquee so vividly thanks so much, Keep drinking the ’ never ending’ supply of champagne and canapes on this forum, we are all here to support you like a watertight, heated marquee.
Please keep posting how you are.

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Hi @LauraMM
Take that champers with you :slight_smile: even if you have to step in just a tiny bit further
Don’t give the champers up until you have too

Keep the fresh white linen flowing in your mind too.

Ah bless you


Oh dear I forgot to mention canapes. Some sort of smoked salmon and prawns would be appropriate, I feel :slight_smile:

I’m glad you liked it; I’m quite proud of it too


Hello @LauraMM. Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful poem about the marquee. I am blown away by it! I also write poetry and find it so helpful to express my thoughts and emotions. Like you, I often use visual imagery and get sort of “pictures” in my mind. I am visualising your marquee and I like to think of the light coming in to it, so that it is a place of hope rather than darkness and despair. Maybe there is an opening to the marquee opposite where you have entered? I would like to think so, so that for some people they can pass through the marquee, but come out the other side. Hope this makes sense and thank you for sharing. Look forward to hearing more! Thinking of you with all you’re going through. Warm wishes. Willow


Yes, it hadn’t actually occurred to me until I received some feedback but it is about hope, light and whiteness. It is not Dickensian full of darkness, dreariness and lots of other things beginning with D :slight_smile: