When you are dedicated to the end goal

@Erica we have hunted the archives and found early footage of the moment @Jimbo165 decided a career on a lorry with a grabber was for him :wink:

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Brilliant @clickinhistory the ‘archives’ have a lot to answer for.
Take care

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Good evening @Erica (and @clickinhistory), I hope you are keeping well. Ahem…it’s not just the “archives” that have a lot to answer for: I think that the “Archivist-in-Chief” has a great deal to answer for too, as well as far too much time, combined with his nefarious trawling skills, on his hands! :rofl:

Click, I hope that you are keeping well and if you need someone to talk to/vent at, then let me know and we can arrange a call.

I’m still struggling with the side effects of the Allopurinol, despite having stopped taking them over a week ago now. My GP has doubled the dosage of the Fexofenadine Hydrochloride to try to ease the itching and “crawling skin” sensations, so far without a huge amount of success.

It is what it is and I’ll plod along with a daft grin on my face for a while longer yet!

Take care all, stay safe, be kind to yourselves and carry on smiling.



@Jimbo165 :disguised_face: what can I say, it came up as video of the day on the BBC website :man_shrugging: one of your clients must have recognised you.
Thanks for the offer, might take you up on it one day.
Just been on the NHS website, you had to be the one who broke the rules and not be “most people” :wink:
This weather and being a cab with the heater on is not going to be helping with the itching.
Ahh the days when itching just meant you had been a walk through the fields or were discovering this :wink:

Hope your symptoms ease soon


Thank you for your kind words.

Yep, the itching is so totally random as to its location, as well as mildly frustrating but I’m sure that this will pass sometime soon.

Forgive me for my poor memory, but did you say that you are connected to the Cottage Inn pub in Black Hall Lane? If so, I have been by there on more than one occasion in my truck; always an interesting and challenging time!

Take care and we shall have to find out if we are “allowed” to pass phone numbers through this medium.

Take care Click.



@Jimbo165 my cousin’s son is the new landlord, yep an interesting turning into the car park from the lane lol. He is a rather good chef, thankfully not taking after his mother :wink:
I was recommended the Welda range of creams by my brother, seems to help with the itching

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Hi @Jimbo165 and @clickinhistory it would not be appropriate to share any personal details on our forum.
However I will copy this post to the Blood Cancer UK support services to get their guidance. @BloodCancerUK-SupportTeam for you.
You would recognise each other because you would both be smiling!!

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Good evening @Erica, I guessed that would be the case, but thank you for the clarification. I’m sure that we will be able to recognise each other if and when we stumble in to each other’s orbit.

Take care and stay safe please.