Good to be alive moments in Lockdown2

Hello All,

Hopefully have uploaded a photo that made my day.
I decided we needed some happy things on the forum to make people smile :blush:


Oh @Corfu80, thanks for the lovely photo isn’t nature wonderful and it is free. I dashed through life on autopilot until my diagnosis trying to be the perfect person to everyone, now what you see is what you get.
I now so value my early morning walk, with mask on, and it is usually the same route, but there is something different to experience every day.
Take care and keep clicking the memories.

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This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


Great idea for a thread @Corfu80! Great picture.
Feel free to share any photos you’ve taken during lockdown which make you smile everyone :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,
Another visitor to my sunflower hearts to brighten our days.
Hope everyone’s safe & well.


Hi @Corfu80, Now one pawed, plus posing, really is showing off, thanks, made me smile.